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Rhizome quintet

exploring the nexus of improvisation and Spectralism

Martin Kay (alto sax and composition), Steve Barry (Piano), Emily Granger (Harp), Ben Carey (modular synthesiser), Jamie Cameron (drums)

Continuum saxophone quartet

Dedicated to performing Australian compositions and select international repertoire

Continuum saxophone quartet live at Dangrove, Sydney. Christina Leonard, James Nightingale, Martin Kay, Nick Russionello.

Chamber works

Martin Kay writes commissions for various ensembles

The Burrow. Composed by Martin Kay performed by Plexus. Monica Curro (violin), Phil Arkenstall (clarinet), Stefan Cassemenos (piano). 


A collaboration with the visual artist Angela Wagstaff performed at art galleries and festivals

Performed by Martin Kay (sax), Mathew Bruce (violin), David Reaston (guitar), Steve Barry (piano), Jamie Cameron (drums). Etchings by Angela Wagstaff, Animation by Steve Weymouth.


An 7-10 piece ensemble playing 'guerilla music' a form of hyper mobile and powerful indy-jazz 

Live at Banff, Canada. 


Mark Shim (Musical director) Martin Kay (Alto sax) Davy Lazar (trumpet) Rocky Amer (Trombone) Edward Gavitt (Guitar) Evan Hyde (drums) Nick Dunston (bass) Jon Elbaz (piano) Claire Dickson (vocals) Drawing by Zhectoid. I think it sums up Ligeti's space adventures beautifully.

The Fantastic Terrific Munkle

A quirky chamber music ensemble playing pithy tunes referencing multiple genres

The Fantastic Terrific Munkle live @ Dangrove. Julian Curwin (Guitar, Banjo), Martin Kay (Clarinet), Sam Golding (Tuba), Danny Heifetz (Drums).

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